Meet the Team

  • cesar lopez

    Cesar Lopez is the CEO and inventor behind WAGGIN. Prior to devoting his time to WAGGIN, Cesar spent 8+ years in the financial services industry managing expense budgets ranging between $120M to $9.4B. His financial reporting skills supported senior management in decision making and strategy creation.

  • ginger

    Ginger is the foundation of WAGGIN - with every decision for design, materials and quality we have Ginger in the back of our mind. Being a rescue, she has a nervous and scared nature in general. Building a product that she feels comfortable in will ensure dogs all over the U.S. will love this time with their owner. She is the face of the brand and the biggest brand ambassador we have!

  • sam vazquez

    Samantha Vazquez is the COO and head of brand development at WAGGIN. Her expertise is in marketing, strategy, budget planning and brand development which she has mastered in her experience in experiential event production. Outside of WAGGIN Samantha is the the Executive Producer and Owner of SV Productions, an experiential events agency- her experience there is an invaluable asset when building and operating the WAGGIN brand.